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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Some tasting notes

So yesterday I spent all day at FENAVIN the biggest trade show in Spain for all wine from all regions. Bigger than anything I've ever seen before and the chance to try what was to be over 1000 wines. With spitting as a strict rule I was able to make a small dent with about 70 wines passing my lips. I'll tell more soon but for now a few of my notes on some of the fun Sherries I was able to try. Enjoy, Till soon, Ryan

  • N.V. Bodegas Tradición Oloroso Tradition - Spain, Jerez, Jerez de la Frontera (5/11/2005)
    Lightly muddy gold w/clear rim. Oxidized nose with wood and a musty earthiness. Rich in the mouth w/carmel, toffee, coffee, and oxidized wood aromas. While overall dry it is heavey in the mouth and lingers for quite awhile on the finish. c5a12t18o8 (92 pts.)

  • N.V. Bodegas Tradición Amontillado Tradición - Spain, Jerez, Jerez de la Frontera (5/11/2005)
    Cloudy light golden-brown. Toffee nose with slated hazelnuts and faint dried fruits. Austere, salty, with a strong acid component. Muskmelon jumps out as primary flavor on the palate. c4a14t16o7 (91 pts.)

  • N.V. Bodegas Navarro Fino Solera Fundación 1830 - Spain, Jerez, Montilla Moriles (5/11/2005)
    Plae gold. Slightly oxidized on the nose with a flesh fruit character to it. med weight with a creamy nut quality. Overall dry with a salt, melon and white grape showing in the palate. c5a11t15o6 (87 pts.)

  • N.V. Perez Barquero Gran Barquero Fino - Spain, Jerez, Montilla Moriles (5/11/2005)
    Pale clear. Soft oak nose with light melon. Austere with dry salt air and a pleasant play between the wood and the acidity. c5a10t15o6 (86 pts.)

  • N.V. Bodegas Robles Piedra Luenga Fino Ecologico - Spain, Jerez (5/11/2005)
    Pale clear. Nose of light salt air and melon. Light ot med body with a light salty melon character and notes of almond and hazelnut. c5a10t14o6 (85 pts.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hola Ryan,

You have just seen the extent of my Spanish vocabulary.

So, after living in country for three months, and travelling around tasting wine and eating succulent baby flesh, the question of early preferences can be raised. There are several variations to the question:

1. What region and/or wine variety has captivated you the most (please don't include fortified wine).

2. Is there a particular wine from that region/varietal that encapsulates your feelings?

3. Has your perspective on Spanish wine changed since your arrival, or have you validated the perceptions you formed in the U.S.?

Think about it and let us know. Take as much time as you need. (Sounds like fodder for an article).

By the way, you are missing one of the worst Springs I can remember. Today is the fishing opener and they are forecasting a chance of snow up north. Around here we are just getting sleet and pissy rain. The only upside is that comfort food is back on the menu.

One Spanish wine I tried recently and loved is the Solanes 2001 from Priorat. Lovely fruit, nice mouth feel and good finish. Check it out if you get the opportunity.

Well, gotta run, Tami just announced lunch (homemade chicken tortilla soup) Mmmmmm!



5/14/2005 07:41:00 PM


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