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Saturday, May 07, 2005

DO Avila Steak

Originally uploaded by obiscoito.

A special black cow is raised in this DO. Avila produces a lot of meat and this was one of the finset steaks I´ve ever had. Basically a bone on ribeye! MMMMMMMMM......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks good. Moo. Coincidentally, I bought a ribeye for dinner tonight (Saturday). On the grill, rubbed, with early season sweet corn, baby yukons and a coupla spears of asparagus. . . and an endive salad.

Do you get endives in Spain? I know the ones we get in France are literally twice the size of the puny ones at Byerly's.

I also wanted to ask you about meat cuts in Spain. As you know, American, British and French process carcasses differently. It seems that American cuts are "cleaner". Stuff that would be part of a Brit and French cut is removed and either ground up or used as stew meat. So, how does Spain measure up? Can you recognize cuts of meat in a Spanish meat counter?

One more thing. My friend from Washington just sent me six Leonetti's: 2 Reserve Cabs, 2 Cabs and 2 Merlots. I have brought a Leonetti to Europe the last four times I've visited Charlie (the Gite owner). This summer will be the fifth time. Seeing that you and Gab may be around, I will bring two (how's that for enticement?).

Hope your cheese article is a hit. I would enjoy reading it.

Take care,


5/07/2005 11:43:00 PM


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