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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Chinese food

So last night we didn't know what to do for food. So we went the Chinese restaurant that Gab first went to when she arrived in Madrid. Turns out she got to the house no one was home, she was hungry, and she didn't speak any Spanish. So she went to a Chinese restaurant.

Good thing too, they speak about as much Spanish as we do. Not to mention there menu is in Spanish and English. Some items: Chinese noodles with three delicacies, Duck on a hot platter, Chicken on a hot platter, oh yeah and beef on a hot platter.

Must be a special platter, these were some of the most expensive things on the menu! Hope I get to keep the platter!

I am glad though to see that the Chinese are so successful with so little care for language. Makes me confident I can do it too. The Chinese motto: Keep it vague, they'll order it anyways!

One nice thing though. At the end of the meal instead of a sweet piece of cardboard with a piece of paper inside telling me my lucky numbers; we were instead presented with booze! Well more like a small cup of Chinese liquor made from flowers, what kind? Well the server had the motto down pat and therefore all I can say is "Flowers". Tasty though with an orange blossom kind of freshness and some sweet peach undertones.

Not a bad way to end a meal, and a cheap one at that!

Till soon, Ryan


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