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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Finca Luzon

Here's a neat wine that I in the might have sold to you or with you. Actually it's it's baby brother and while I was at the Cellars we sold a lot of it. This one is about 6 euros as compared to the big brother at about 17 dollars. Found it at Lavinia and really enjoyed it to the "very last drop"!

  • 2003 Finca Luz√≥n Jumilla - Spain, Murcia, Jumilla (3/21/2005)
    Inky purple with hints of blue. Deep fruit nose with berries, vanilla and a nice slate overtone hovering above it all. Very intense in the nose and it keeps drawing you in. Med weight with Soft tannins and an acidic cherry quality. Deep fruit once again that needs time to open up with a tight core of tart black berry. Very nice, though I will wait to see what develops. With time plum and some spice comes to the front of the nose. While the tannins integrate a bit more and I begin to pick up more of a ripe blackberry. I really like this and it's similar in many ways to its bigger brother which I've had in the past.
    c5a12t15o7=89+ (89 pts.)

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