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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Recent tasting notes

  • 1998 Ontañon Reserva - Spain, La Rioja (4/19/2005)
    95%tempranillo 5%Granacha
    Deeper Ruby with richness to the color. Sour oak with a Dusty spice and Sweet candied cherry. Med body with Lighter acid and a sturdy but not strong tannin presence. Very rich with a nice vanilla, light spice, some plum, and light licorice. Very nice though a bit lighter than the Crianza. Another fine food wine and one that I can enjoy now. Very soft and elegant.
    C5a13t15o7= 90 (90 pts.)

  • 2001 Dinastia Vivanco Rioja Crianza - Spain, La Rioja, La Rioja Alavesa, Rioja (4/19/2005)
    Deep rich purple with a darkness that seems to swallow the light. Nose with some green pepper and deep spice anise, pepper with a whiff of vanilla oak. As it opens in the glass a milk chocolate quality starts to show on the nose with a loamy note, almost of raw cocoa and earth followed by roasted coffee. Rich in the mouth with an initial light sweetness followed by a long and dry finish very well balanced and quite tasty. Rich raspberry, black cherry, light oak and a nice overall richness. The alcohol seems a bit hot but not out of whack. Fresh and alive the acidity pulls this wine through and makes it work well with its myriad flavors.
    C5a12t15o7=89 (89 pts.)

  • 2001 Ontañon Crianza - Spain, La Rioja (4/19/2005)
    90% Tempranillo 10% Granacha

    Deep ruby red with a light purple quality. Spicy nose with vanilla, milk chocolate and a strange smoke aroma I can't quite place. Med boy to light with a strong acidity and lit tannins. Bright fruit framed by oak with out oak overpowering it. Tannins are in the background with the acid showing upfront and proving to be great with food.
    C5a12t15o6= 88 (88 pts.)

  • 2004 Ontañon Riberas de Marco Fabio - Spain, La Rioja (4/19/2005)
    Very clear color. White grapes peaches flowers, nectar...alive and fun nose. Med weight with a light sweetness and medium weight acid. Peaches and light flowers. Very nice though nose is better than the follow through.
    C4a13t13o6= 86 (86 pts.)

  • 2002 Inurrieeta Sur B1 - Spain, Navarra (4/19/2005)
    Granacha, Tempranillo and Graciano
    Nice bright ruby with hints of maroon in the body of the glass. Toasted oak, vanilla, Plum, light saddle leather deep cherry and some light pepper. Med body with light tannins and medium acidity. Very well balanced with a 10+sec finish. Fresh fruit flavorswith a vanilla backbone and light oak. The tannins are mature and soft and this wine is not a big wine, but very enjoyable with a lightness and purity of fruit that I love.
    c5a10t14o6=85 (85 pts.)

  • 2000 Viña Ijalba s.a. Rioja - Spain, La Rioja, La Rioja Alta, Rioja (4/19/2005)
    Deep purple with a thickness that is visible when swirled. Sour barn floor ? Nose over the top of rich fruit hiding down in the center. Big acidity and bigger tannins with the fruit in the background. I might have a bad bottle and will let it open further before passing any judgment. Softening a bit it starts to show a herbal edge and more fruit. Though the tannins still tend to be a bit to dominant. Maybe it's too old or I need to let it sit for a long time. We'll see later tonight and tomorrow. Never really came around though it began to drink better with more fruit finally showing. Not a bad wine though it took a bit of getting used to and I will not rate it as I don’t have anything to compare it too.

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