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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


First post in an attempt to spread some thoughts and keep up with some friends.  I'm currently incharge of a liquor store with a large selection of wines from around the world, high end and low end booze of myriad types, and over 800 varieties of beers.  Married with 3 cats, not the most pleasant situation 3 cats is a bit too much...but there pretty cute and well they keep the wife happy. Though I'm working on different recipes in case we decide to move and need to get rid of some. Currently attempting to escape our city with hopes of landing abroad.  Anywhere really, though Europe would be great as I need to be near vines, wines and in a culture where food is not an after thought.  Too little care for what goes in our bodies here, how can something so important to our existence be given such a supporting role in the game of life? Also a quick aside, Dorito's has a new chip "Natural" I think that's what it is called, so in this there are something like 5 ingredients all pronounceable and recognizable, healthy I'm not one to say! Anyway, so w/o any partially hydrogenated oils ie:POISON so why do they continue to make the old ones that have the "poison" within?
A bit strange I say...anyways I think I like this mumbling...more thoughts soon


Anonymous Paul said...

You know what they say - too many cats spoil the broth.

7/31/2010 02:35:00 PM


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